Where We should go on our Summer Holiday!

Where We should go on our Summer Holiday!
Sports & outdoors August 22, 2017
Where will be the most popular Summer holiday destinations from the UK?

With millions of UK holidaymakers venturing abroad throughout summer, it's difficult to know exactly where they're going, unless you're a travel agent of course. In the top 10 this year, the destinations below should all be featuring highly given that they are mostly based around the Mediterranean and are almost guaranteed the sunshine.

This summer, a record number of families have chosen to take their holiday in the UK rather than go abroad. Although you may think this is due to the economy, another pull factor is the ever-increasing number of great holiday parks, activities other and various ways to keep the family entertained. The UK may be renowned for its unpredictable weather, but this is one of the things that has helped UK holiday parks such as Haven to become experts in keeping the family entertained, whatever the weather.

Family summer vacation in the UK can be the most enjoyable and memorable type of holiday for all kinds of reasons. The wide variety of accommodations including caravans, camping, chalets and even apartments for that home away from home experience can all make a holiday all the more special. The most traditional and preferred UK family summer holiday appears to be the caravan holiday. This is very understandable as the excitement of staying in your self-catering caravan adds to the holiday experience, especially for children.

1. Turkey

This is a destination that has crept up the personal holiday destination lists for the last few years and, for value for money, it seems to be a hard one to beat. There's a great selection of hotels for all budgets and holiday types.

2. Spain

The resorts of Benidorm, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Malaga, and Marbella are the main tourist areas for UK visitors to Spain but, remember; you can still venture out of these resorts to find traditional markets and hillside villages if you want to sample a little culture. Don't forget to try the Spanish Tapas as well!

3. Balearics

The clubbing towns of San Antonio in Ibiza and Magaluf in Majorca are always buzzing with excitement in the evenings, but there is far more to discover in the Balearic islands with a great selection of beautiful beaches and holidays suitable for all tastes.

4. Canary Islands

Off the north-west African coast, with pleasant temperatures all year, the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura have been a magnet for British holidaymakers.

5. Portugal

The Algarve, on the southern coast of Portugal, has been a well-visited tourist destination due to the short flight times from the UK.

6. Greek Islands

Greek Islands have the quaint charm, with starring roles in several films, with beauty in abundance.

7. Cyprus

Located in the eastern Mediterranean, the summer months in Cyprus (like many of our choices) are hot. Beautiful scenery and friendly culture, Cyprus has a range of popular resorts all along its coastline.

8. Cuba

Ok, this is a long-haul destination, and perhaps is not going to be as popular as some alternative destinations, but we feel it's worth a mention although maybe not between August and September when the hurricane season is underway - you can get lower prices during this offseason period though.

9. Croatia

Since the war during the early 1990s, tourism in Croatia is starting to pick up (it was popular before the war). It's a country steeped in history, and we believe it is thoroughly justified to be in our top 10, although as an upcoming destination.

10. France

France is such a short trip across the English Channel by ferry or train. Once across the Channel, you are free to go wherever you please!

Whatever destination you choose this year, please have a fantastic summer holiday!

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